Who is the bad guy? Palestine or Israel… | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Who is the bad guy? Palestine or Israel…

Who is the bad guy? Palestine or Israel…

When you read headlines like : “Palestinian kills 14 year old child with a pick ax…” it is hard to feel any remorse for the Palestinian people. But that is just the problem with America and the American media.

If you travel or live outside the country, as I have, you will see with Al Jazeera, the BBC, etc., that the Palestinian’s arent always the bad guys. True, Hamas are terrorists and must revoke their charter and recognize the state of Israel. True, the Palestinian people were desperate to elect Hamas in the first place; but that is just it my friend, they ARE desperate. Desperate for peace, desperate to be heard, desperate to send their child to school without strapping a bullet proof vest on them; desperate to feed their aching bellies and to bandage their bleeding wounds.

If you believe everything you read, hear and see in the American media, you would think that the Israeli’s are all loving people who want peace and never are the perpetrators in any violent situation; they are simply defending themselves. Although when it comes to dealings with Hamas this might be true; it is not true in dealing with the Palestinian population as a whole. The problem, as one of my callers so eloquently illustrated on my talk program Thursday evening, is that Americans view Palestinians as all supporters of Hamas; ergo they are all terrorists. They are all the bad guys.

We need more “fair and balanced” reporting in our media with regards to the middle east; and I’m not talking the fair balance Fox News Channel gives you. We need the facts from both sides so we can determine the truth and form our opinions based on that truth. In the case of Israel, it is certainly not a “liberal” media. There can never be peace in the middle east if America continues to bankroll Israel. There can never be peace in the middle east if Americans continue their hatred toward Palestinians. There can never be peace in the middle east without truth, plain and simple.

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