Time out….. | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Time out…..

Time out…..

I am finding myself becoming a workaholic.

It’s funny how I will have someone complain that I havent answered their email, when I get between 200 and 2000 of them a day! (And yes, I do answer them myself!!!!)  I have my daily radio talk show to host, my 4 t.v. appearances ( O’Reilly Factor and America Live on Fox News Channel each week and Money Rocks and America’s Nightly Scoreboard on Fox Business Channel each week).

I own and operate The Leslie Marshall Show, co own and operate my husband’s Medical practice, have 2 toddlers and take care of all work under the heading “Domestic Goddess!” I know I know BREATH!

I had promised myself that on Saturday and Sunday’s my cell phone would remain off and that I would not dare head to my computer! But here I am, writing, I mean bloggin 🙂 to you! I just finished 2 letters, 3 phone calls and dont ask how many emails! Oh and let’s not forget facebook, twitter, lunch meetings, speeches, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  In short- I need a day off!  So I am going to bid you farewell all of my friends in The Leslie Marshall listening/viewing family! Just for now until Monday morning.

If I can keep my fingers away!  (I hear they have 12 step programs for us who cant stop calling, emailing, texting, tweeting…I’m tired just writing this!!!  I will miss you but I will be back in just a little over 24 hrs. Forgive me, it’s not that I dont love you, it’s just, well, heck, even God took a day off right?!?  LM

PS Hope you’ll support my radio show by becoming a subscriber! Then that will lighten my load a bit! 🙂  https://lesliemarshallshow.com/newone/members