TESTIMONIALS | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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 What some listeners are saying:

The Leslie Marshall Show

For those of you that do not know,
Leslie Marshall’s the way to go!
https://lesliemarshallshow.com/newone/ is her page,
just in case you’re disengaged!
You can watch this beautiful Diva on Fox every Friday,
at 8:00pm Eastern on the show of O’reilly!
She’s the Radio Talk Show Host with the most,
and she’s known by all from Coast to Coast!
Call: 888-6Leslie and you’ll see,
she’s the best there is and will ever be!
So give her a ring one of these nights,
she’ll discuss the topic with you live!
Friend and Supporter of Leslie Marshall


Subject: Responsibility

Dear Leslie,I am a new listener, and I have to say thank you for bringing a voice of sanity back to the airwaves.  Your articles are well-crafted, thought provoking and insightful.  It doesn’t hurt matters that my views mostly correspond with your own, but even if I were a member of the opposition, I would still recognize your professionalism.

Your recent piece on Sarah Palin, our culture of anger, and owning responsibility in the wake of the Tucson shootings was especially impressive.  Truth be told, it was one of the best things I’ve heard on the radio in a long time, and I would like to share what you had to say with a number of people, both liberal and conservative.  I’m still finding my way around your show’s website…is there any way I can get a transcript of your talk?  What you had to say should definitely be preserved and shared.

Keep up the good work…you’ve made a listener of me.



Subject: Bill O’Reilly

Dear Leslie-

I am a 40-year old moderately conservative freelance sports journalist from Southern California. I write for the Daily Bulletin, the Long Beach Press-Telegram and others within the Los Angeles Newspaper Group. I am writing to simply say thank you for bringing a civil tone and respectful debate, because it’s gotten to the point where people can’t disagree respectfully like Reagan and O’Neil used to do. Despite being a republican, I can’t stand listening to smug personalities Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and even Rush Limbaugh because they brand those who disagree with our side as “America-haters” or whatever and it’s not productive. I hold them in the say regard I do Olbermann and Matthews. But you’re different. You come off as a bright, likable, voice of reason of which I can agree and disagree with.

I am sure every now and then it’s nice to hear that someone that might not agree with you often at least respects and likes you.


Brian B


From: Perry B

Hi Leslie, my name is Perry. I’ve never done this before even to one of my own; a Republican.:). I’m very Conservative; but I truly enjoy u on Fox.

That why I watch fox to hear the other side. U Leslie r a class act. U R the kind of Liberals I really enjoy. Thank u for true ( not much spin ):) lol analyses on your views. I will keep watching. God Bless and take care.


Subject: Coming from a Staunch Conservative


Coming from a Conservative who has a heartfelt concern for the country and not for political victory, I just felt inspired to tell you I think you are what every Liberal should aspire to be. Your points are made eloquently and intelligently, and you are just about the only person from the Left I can sit down and listen to and take interest. And I just loved it tonight when you said (about Trump, after lamenting about the Governator) that apparently having celebrity is a requirement in Conservative politics. The reason I loved it is because anyone else from the Left would have frowned and glared at the screen after saying that; but you gave us all that charming smile and let us know that it was a shot, sort of tongue in cheek, and was a valid point but sort of in fun as well.

THAT is the kind of commentary we need. You Leslie are smart, and head and shoulders above most of your colleagues. Keep up the great work. You might convert me if you keep smiling like that.

Tom W
Grapevine, TX


Subject: I have MUCH respect for you.

I disagree with you about 70% of the time on policy/your views but I respect you for going on o’reilly and holding your own, you don’t trash the “right” and I respect that. I’m a libertarian but am forced to watch FOX because MSNBC makes me want to puke – so I choose to filter what I agree with and don’t from FOX. Having intelligible and respectful liberals like you makes me listen and accept a lot more of how you see things.


Keep it up.




Subject: I live on $684.00 a month, but compared to the callers who you had tonight I am the RICH one!


Hi Leslie! I love your show but tonights callers made me cry. I am Blackfoot Indian, living in western NY, and It broke my heart to hear people call in and justify their selfishness. In the land of my ancestors, the selfishness and greed is unbelievable! if you were to go to an indian gathering, you would find that the Elders always eat first, because their time on this Earth is short, the Children eat next, because they are small and can not wait and need their nutrition, the rest of the people wait and respect the needs of those who are weaker and smaller. The chiefs and clanmothers made decisions considering the SEVENTH generation to come. NO ONE would ever consider letting someone go without, when they had some. Many Native Nations practiced potlatch, where a person would take everything they had and give it all away to the community. I was taught by my Elders to give away what I love best, and I have done this all my life.


In less than 250 years, the ways of my ancestors have devolved to a point where I am ashamed to breathe the same air as the people who call themselves leaders and the people who have innumerable wealth, all made on the resources of my people. No one comes to my house without a drink or food if they need some. If i have something that I can share I do. I help everyone I can and in turn I feel like the richest person in the world. The feeling you get from helping people is one that can’t be bought.


Please pray for those lost souls who clutch their riches in their hands and allow their neighbors to die in the streets. They are truly the poor ones and only the Creator can help them. In Spirit, Melissa Jacobs Love your show BTW and never knew how beautiful you are on the outside ( knew you were on the inside)! First time I ever came to your site.