Support Our Troops | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Support Our Troops

Support Our Troops

It always amazes me, even though I have been a talk host for 23 years, how we have grown to disagree on such a nasty level in this country. I see cars that say “support our troops” but so many obviously forget what our troops are fighting for: the flag, the constitution, our freedoms. One such freedom as cited in the 1st ammendment is Freedom of Speech.

That doesnt mean your opinion must be in line with what the majority thinks or what the latest polls show is popular, that means we can speak freely, regardless of our opinions. So why are many on facebook, twitter, talk radio, online, etc, so hellbent on hurling insults when someone disagrees with them? What are we barbarians? (or to steal the thunder from the Geico ads- Cavemen?) If you were to read my emails after my television appearances, some might make you physically ill: wishing harm on my children, calling me every name for a woman’s vagina imaginable ( sometimes in the same sentence!) or stating my belief (liberal) is a mental disorder. Why such anger? Hatred? Disrespect for one another? I’m sure Osama bin laden is just sitting back laughing at how America continues to further divide: racially, financially, ethnically, religiously and now politically.

I know it’s corny, but hey, UNITED we stand, DIVIDED we fall. Why cant we ever look at some of our areas of agreement: a) EVERYONE wants the oil to stop flowing – even if we disagree on who is to blame for it, who should clean it up or how. b) EVERYONE wants to put their kids tonite with the confidence they’re safe- even if we disagree on who the bad guys are or how to protect ourselves from them, c) EVERYONE agrees that no one should come here illegally- we just disagree on what to do with those who have arrived, who is to blame and how to punish them…I think you get the point. I’m not here to change your mind, and believe me you wont change mind. So don’t try. Debate? Yes! Like an adult…please?

The next time you send that nasty email, tweet or facebook message- count to ten as my mother would say- that person you’re sending that to is just that- a PERSON- their opinion- is a very tiny piece of them, it belongs to them and they have a constitutional right to it!

Leslie Marshall