The Buffalo News: Should women be allowed to play professional football? | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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The Buffalo News: Should women be allowed to play professional football?

The Buffalo News: Should women be allowed to play professional football?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Come on now, if a bunch of grown men can jump all over each other, chasing a pig skinned ball, why can’t we? And maybe if a few good women were on the team last year, we would have won the superbowl.

Looking at the game, there are a lot of things we women do that the Bills do. Positions such as kicking and punting could be filled by a qualified, capable, woman. Also coaching roles could be filled by a qualified women if they could only be considered.

And all seriousness aside, the black makeup many of the players smudge on their face isn’t anything compared to the amount of “goo” we women apply daily. Not to mention the shoulder pads, you know how many women pad their jackets, blouses, etc.

Football is a sport enjoyed by all, men and women alike and both sexes should be able to take part in providing the entertainment, not only as sex object/cheerleaders.

We want to be “involved’ in the game, more so than putting out the chips, and dip and ordering pizza and wings, serving beer and cleanup afterwards. This way you men would have to stop all this “male bonding” and really pay attention to us women. You may think male bonding is genuine and valuable, but we see it as an excuse to avoid communicating with the fairer sex.

If Jim Kelly’s about to score a touchdown, all eyes are on the game, all ears are tuned to the radio (WGR News Radio 55 of course) and absolutely nothing is of more importance. But if, I, Leslie Marshall, were on the Bills, about to score that same touchdown, you wouldnt be telling me to hush up, move from the front of the TV, or to get another beer. You’d be telling me to get the points on the board. If I were in that position, my sex wouldn’t matter. Only because men have dominated the play and the business of the game. has a potential women’s role been shelved as ridiculous; not even worth discussing.

What the Bills need is a few good women. Any volunteers? Besides, it might be more enjoyable for the guys to tackle a woman rather than a man.