Should Senator Roland Burris resign??? | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Should Senator Roland Burris resign???

Should Senator Roland Burris resign???

Should Senator Roland Burris resign?  Of course he should.  Regardless of your political persuasion, you’ve know this to be true ever since disgraced Ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich appointed him.

The sad part about all of this….Roland Burris seems to be a good guy, who got inadvertently mixed up with the wrong people.  But Burris, of all people, should’ve known that everything that “Blago” touched turned to burned droppings; Burris’s Senate chances included. 

If Burris was smart about all of this, he would’ve let Blagojevich be impeached first, then thrown his hat into the political ring of fire.  This way, he would’ve had the same shot as everyone else who was interested in the open Illinois Senate seat.  This also would’ve kept Burris with the clean slate that he always had before Blagojevich appointed him.  Then it could’ve been:  “May the best man or woman win.”  Instead, Roland Burris may forever be know as “that guy Blagojevich tried to shove down everyone’s throats as Senator.”  So maybe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wasn’t so crazy when he fought Burris’ appointment from the start…

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