One of the few people who doesn’t worship Oprah Winfrey… | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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One of the few people who doesn’t worship Oprah Winfrey…

One of the few people who doesn’t worship Oprah Winfrey…

I am probably one of the few people who doesnt worship Oprah Winfrey.  Dont get me wrong. As a woman, especially an African American woman, she is extremely accomplished and successful and I admire her for that. I know she has done a lot of charity work through her own organization; but like the time when she gave away Pontiacs to people who already had cars and jobs, forgive my keeping my hands in my pocket rather than applauding her giving away 300 trips to Australia.

Years back when I sat in for Sally Jessy Raphael as an audition for her job, her former boss told me “Sally has to stick to her t.v. show now. She can no longer identify with her radio audience. When she started, she did her own laundry and would pack the kids in the car to go to Disney for a summer vacation. Now she has a housekeeper and flies first class to Bali.”

Oprah is out of touch with her audience; or at least her country and her community.

Thousands of people lose their homes each month. The same can be said about jobs. And of course, unfortunately, their unemployment benefits.  America was angered and shocked when our government bailed out wall street with our tax dollars; but it’s ok to send 300 Oprah audience members on vacation with our advertising dollars!?!

People are out of work, hungry, desperate, scared, and we’re supposed to be happy about this!?!  And in the African American community; people are hurting more than in the white community. Minorities always suffer worse in times like this.

Now i know there are those of you that will write me nasty death threats for questioning your Queen and her cash; but hey, that’s what my website’s blog is for right? MY opinion!?   So here it is- if Oprah asked me what to do to kick off her final season- I would say feed people.  Buy houses for people.  Buy clothes for people. Hire a handful- give them a job and their dignity back.  How about cleaning up Cabrini Green just blocks from Harpo Studios where Oprah films and blocks from her apartment on the top of Watertower place on Magnificent Mile?  Just for starters……build a school here, not in Africa- those are just a few of my thoughts. I will be talking about it on my show tonite- 7-10pm eastern. If you dont get the program in your area, you can listen live via our stream Call us with your comments at 1-888-6-LESLIE. I look forward to hearing from you!