John Edwards Cheated! | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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John Edwards Cheated!

John Edwards Cheated!

John Edwards cheated, his wife Elizabeth now knows as does the world. A lot of women are dogging her because she’s standing by her man; and I was one of them. That was until I had children.

Look, I was one of the women in America who didnt see a problem with what Lorena Bobbitt did to her husband John. Cut it off and dump him! But now that I have children; and have a family member who survived adultery and have grown up a bit…ok, not much, but a bit….well, I changed my mind! And that a woman has the perrogative to do!

Listen, unless we’re in someone’s relationship, we dont know what goes on behind closed doors. Elizabeth and John have a history together, children together. She has battled and may continue to battle cancer and even face death. It’s easier for a man to find a new mate, and easier for a man to find a new job or career. Elizabeth’s job/career has been making John Edwards into the man he is today. He was poor and is now rich. They survived the death of a child together, and having lost my own son 5 years ago, let me tell you, if your marriage can survive that, it can survive anything.

Now dont go thinking “Leslie, you’ve gone soft on us girl!” Adultery is wrong. And believe me, if my husband cheated, not only would I never trust him again, he would rather I left than the hell I would put him through while staying with him!

But back to Elizabeth Edwards….here is where I think she’s wrong…

a) she believes her husband cheated just once and just that one time with that one girl….yes Elizabeth there is a Santa Claus!
b) She says she doesnt know if the baby the woman John Edwards slept with is carrying is his…..has this woman ever heard of DNA!?! She should FORCE her husband to prove his claim that he did not father this child! and
c) I think the saddest thing about all of this is, when Elizabeth and John married, she told him she didnt want a ring, or money, she just wanted one thing from him: for him to be faithful, his fidelity. John Edwards couldnt deliver. He couldnt deliver this to a woman who stood behind him when he was a struggling lawyer, on the campaign trail for the Senate and for the White House as V.P.

Although some of you may feel Elizabeth is the loser here, it is clearly John that’s the biggest loser of all, and I’m not talking a t.v. show to lose weight my friend. Sex is sex, but loyalty, well now, that’s something you just cant find much of nowadays. And we wonder why 54% of all marriages end in divorce? Marriage isnt the sacred institution it once was….I guess the next question is why….is it our lack of “family values?” (gulp- did I say that?!?) or society’s placing a lack of importance on this institution?

One thing I am sure of, it doesnt matter whether it was between a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman…betrayal is just that, and since Elizabeth was the victim here, she needs to be the one to decide on how she will punish her perpetrator for his crime. I just hope she realizes that the ball’s in her court now and I think it’s about time that John Edwards supports Elizabeth for a change.

Leslie Marshall

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