Is President Obama more secular than religious. | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Is President Obama more secular than religious.

Is President Obama more secular than religious.

On “The O’Reilly Factor” last week, I was asked if the President is more secular than religious. Some examples are his not yet selecting a church to worship on Sundays, covering the religious symbols behind him at Georgetown University when he spoke there and the Pentagon not allowing a military jet fly over at the “God and Country” festival, etc.
I’m amazed that in a country that prides itself on Separation of Church and State that we even have these discussions. Although religion certainly does play a part in politics; just look at GW Bush’s win in the state of Ohio over Kerry; that isnt what America elects a President to do. I dont care if, where, when President Obama goes to church or why. Faith is a very personal thing in my opinon.

And to use our hard earned tax dollars in a recessive economy for a fly over at a festival!?!!! I dont care that they’ve been doing that for 42 years! That is a clear case of pork barrel spending. I want my tax dollars going toward areas of improvement for our country. I want our military fighting terrorists whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or here at home; not part of some dog and pony show at a festival.

The Pentagon clearly stated the festival’s website was Christian and although most Americans dont like to admit it, we might have judao christian roots; but as Bob Dylan says, the times, they are a changin’. The U.S. is a melting pot not only of different political ideals, race, various ethnicities and cultures, but various religions.

In addition to Christianity and Judaism, there are worshippers that are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhists, Parsi’s, BaHai, Wicken, Kabbala, Christian Scientists, Scientologists, Hari Krishna…..just to name a few. The President has it right as does the Pentagon. Dont favor one religion over another, keep the practice of seperation of church and state…well…seperate….and dont waste Americans tax dollars on festivals especially when many have lost their jobs and possiblty their homes

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