Health Care Legislation… “Now or Never??” | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Health Care Legislation… “Now or Never??”

Health Care Legislation… “Now or Never??”

The President says we need to have health care legislation passed now, this year or it will never happen. My vote is, (call me Pollyanna!) it will never happen. This is not a negative reflection on the President or my party, the Dems. This is an opinion based on reality.

Reality: there are six health insurance lobbyists per senator.

Reality: if the u.s. government forces the private insurance companies to lower their rates, (which they will if the government expands Medicare or has a seperate plan for lesser cost), then you know what flows down hill and some how, some way, someone will have to pay. That means the doctors. This will reduce the quality of care and ability for doctors to spend the time to give the proper diagnosis. Also malpractice insurance is not addressed in the current reform proposals nor are the pharmaceutical companies who have their lobbyists and their billions as well.

It would take much more than 4 years to fix this problem, and, in my opinion, more than the 6 months we have left in 2009 to draft legislation specific enough to address everyone’s needs. Example: If you pay blue cross $1000 a month for health insurance and the goverment’s plan costs you $200; but to offset that cost, you have to pay more for your prescriptions, or any dme (durable medical equipment), or xray, or hospital stay, etc. you pay the same or more in the long run. And how does everyone get covered? If you cant pay for the government plan, you’re in the same boat.

If the current mortgage/rent prices arent adjusted, how will a small business owner be able to afford to offer this for his/her employees, or even their own families? And if the issues which drive these health care costs through the roof, other than the ceo’s at United Health Care, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, etc’s greed, arent addressed? What are we left with? We saw what happened with the auto industry when they sacrificed quality for quantity; they failed, miserably.

Those are auto BODIES…what about human BODIES? If the abuse of litigation in our nation against doctors, the cost of pharmaceuticals, the need for extensive tests for a doc to cover their butt against litigation, the ability for docs to actually treat their patients, medical personnel making decisions at insurance companies or for the government as opposed to greedy bureaucrats, our abuse of the emergency room, ambulances, etc., until that is addressed, we’re doomed. Just my two cents….uh, I mean $12 for a couple of Tylenol (which i’m sure you’ll need after my gloom and doom philosophy of our nation’s healthcare!)

Leslie Marshall, Host
The Leslie Marshall Show
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