Harry Reid vs. the world’s oldest profession? | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Harry Reid vs. the world’s oldest profession?

Harry Reid vs. the world’s oldest profession?

Wow! linking gambling with prostitution. Without condoms, prostitution is the bigger gamble!

I have always grappled with the issue of prostitution. As a feminist, I believe a woman has the right to use her body if she chooses, as she chooses; including selling it for sex. But, as a feminist, I believe that the constant demeaning of women through trades such as prostitution has to stop.

I know they say prostitutes have been around as long as Adam and Eve. But with the basic economic theory of supply and demand, if we remove the supply, the hookers, will the john’s demand less? Probably not. But they have more outlets thank u internet chat rooms and cybersex. (Which is certainly less of a gamble without a condom!)

Speaking of the economy, sad but true that Nevada benefits from sins in sin city: gambling and prostitution. Sen. Reid is probably confusing the heck out of the right wing bible-thumping born again’s because he is singing their song. I mean, really folks, WWJD in “sin city?”

So the question is, which is the bigger bottom line? (no pun intended) The money from the legalized practice of prostitution at brothels like the Bunny Ranch? Or the dismantling of the brothels so that more businesses will move to Nevada. Can Sin City become Biz City? That is obviously Sen. Reid’s goal and I back him, if it means less ladies have to make a buck on their back.

Courtesy of Politico