GripeO : A Better Way To Complain | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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GripeO : A Better Way To Complain

GripeO : A Better Way To Complain

Tired of with waiting on hold, poor craftsmanship, and bad customer service? Website and Mobile App “GripeO” launches to save you frustration. Buffalo, NY (March 31st, 2014) – Buffalo, NY based GripeO LLC is announcing the launch of a new website and mobile application to address growing global customer service frustration. Available at: and as an app on iOS7 devices, the service leverages technology to provide value to consumers and businesses. They also have the support of Z80Labs, a technology incubator co-managed by Jordan Levy and Ron Schreiber of Seed Capital Partners, and have already signed up 30 businesses coming out of stealth launch, including Dell Computers, Dish Network, and Reliant Energy.

The driving force behind GripeO is the growing frustration surrounding the submission of consumer feedback. According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, only 1 in 26 people are currently submitting complaint feedback. GripeO CEO Mike Klanac believes this highlights a bigger problem than just consumer frustration. “While this clearly highlights the stress that consumers are experiencing, we think it also underscores an even bigger problem for businesses. They can’t fix what they don’t know about, and they’re struggling to adapt to the varying ways in which people give feedback, often in very public arenas.” A recent W.P. Carey School of Business study showed that “customer-rage” with the products and services we buy is at an all time high.


People are encouraged to complain through GripeO for any product or service they run into an issue with. GripeO will take that issue directly to the business. The service also provides users with tools to increase the visibility of the complaint by sharing a hashtagged description and viral image to multiple social networks. Businesses are encouraged to verify with GripeO at: business and address the issue through the free GripeO mediation toolset. The service will be rolling out new features on a continuous basis, and is scheduled to launch its “Complaint Marketplace” in the first half of 2014, which is a way for competitive businesses to purchase ignored complaints and use them as leads.


Another GripeO Co-founder, Nicholas Campanile, believes that the timing is perfect for customer service innovation. ” Anyone who’s been stuck on hold, spoken to rudely, or experienced poor craftsmanship knows what I mean. People are asking themselves, isn’t there a better way to do this, through the web, or my smartphone?” GripeO is positioning itself to be the modern go-to platform as customer service adapts to the changing technological landscape.


Interested users are encouraged to sign up at: or download GripeO from the App Store. You can follow the company’s progress on Twitter at: