Fox Hits a New Low, Again… | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Fox Hits a New Low, Again…

Fox Hits a New Low, Again…

There are some things that you just don’t do.  Laugh at an old person if they fall.  Make fun of a handicapped person.  Taunt a homeless person.  These are things that we’re taught at a very young age.  When we see someone else do them, we are disgusted and appalled by them; and rightfully so.  Yet the Fox Network and Fox News don’t share that common sense.  Maybe it’s because ruthless media hoarder Rupert Murdoch owns both of them.  Maybe it’s because Fox doesn’t have a problem profiting off of some of the worst things we face in life.  Either way, they do not seem to have a conscience, and their newest show proves it.

If you haven’t heard about the show, it’s called ‘Someone’s Gotta Go.”  Each Episode will feature a person getting laid off in these tough economic times.  To make matters worse, before the poor sap is laid off, the whole world will know how much money they make.  That’s right; Fox will show everyone’s salaries on the show before they help give someone the ax.  Also, the employee will not be fired by their boss based on their performance or anything practical like that; Fox will let the employee’s co-workers fire them.  So this means if you’re a hard worker and a bunch of slackers at your company don’t want you making them look bad by actually doing your job, they get to fire you.  Great business model. 

In such tough economic times that have resulted in people actually snapping and shooting their entire families to death; does Fox try to help?  No, they offer to go outside of their own company to fire people and actually make the situation worse.  And while all of this is going on, they’re profiting from it.  I can’t think of many things more disgusting or wrong than that. 

The creator of the show, Fox’s Mike Darnell, says he isn’t concerned about the emotional fallout in a workplace after “Someone’s Gotta Go,” where an employee might be left to work with a colleague they’d just said on national television should be fired.

“Sounds like good reality television,” he said. “You just described a good concept for a reality TV show.” 

Mike, let’s just say you’d better hope the two of us never meet in a dark alley; because I’d like to give you more than a piece of my mind.  As if taking tough economic times and then profiting off of making them worse isn’t bad enough, there’s more.  If we don’t rise up and send a message to Fox that we do not want this show to air, then we’re saying not only are we okay with this, we’re okay with the precedent it sets and what’s yet to come.  If we let this show air, what’s next?  Fox gathers up a group of Cancer patients and decides which one is denied health care?  Fox gets a room of pregnant women together and they can’t leave until they pick which mother’s baby should be aborted?  Don’t think that’s possible?  Well if you don’t tell Fox that enough is enough right now, then don’t be surprised when they take it to the next level, again.  There are plenty of entertaining shows out there that don’t hurt people like this.  We don’t need this America.

If you are outraged and do not want Fox profiting off of everyday people suffering in these difficult times, you can do something about it.  If you’d like, you can call Fox or write them a letter and tell them you do not want “Someone’s Gotta Go” to air.  You can also tell them if the show does air, you will not watch any programming from the Fox Network or Fox News.  The phone number for Fox Broadcasting Company is (310) 369-1000, Fax – (310) 369-1283.  If you’d like to send them a letter their mailing address is:

Fox Broadcasting Company

10201 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90035

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