Conservatives for Palin: Has The Democrat Party Given Up On Obama? | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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Conservatives for Palin: Has The Democrat Party Given Up On Obama?

Conservatives for Palin: Has The Democrat Party Given Up On Obama?

By Sheya

Over the weekend I noted that, for some reason, Governor Palin is expected to have solutions to problems that President Obama himself doesn’t have. This begs the question: has the Democrat Party and their surrogates, the mainstream media, given up on Obama?

After the Governor’s interview on The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly interviewed liberal radio talk show host Leslie Marshall to grade the governor’s interview:

Marshall: I wouldn’t give her high points because I felt in true politician form, she dodged almost every question, that you answered her, ah, asked her when she was answering you she wasn’t being specific with her answers and she wasn’t giving alternatives to what our current president was doing.

O’Reilly: Give me an example, because I didn’t get the feeling, I didn’t get the feeling she was dodging, I think, I thought she engaged in questions, you may not like the answer, but, give me, give me one question you think she dodged.

Marshall: I think she dodged Iran for example, first of all it frightened me that she didn’t seem to know that France and Great Britain were on board with sanctions against Iran I was glad that she knew that Russia was the problem…I have to say Bill I agree with you on Putin and Afghanistan, I didn’t hear an alternative, I didn’t hear a plan from someone that perhaps might be running for and looking to me and others in America to be elected leader of the free world to lead this nation.

O’Reilly: You thought she was too general, Ok I think that’s a valid criticism, but nobody else has any ideas, I’m not making any excuses for the governor, but I haven’t heard, look, Obama doesn’t have any solution in Afghanistan, he doesn’t have any solution to Iran, so, you know, to be fair if you’re going to say Governor Palin didn’t have any solution, our President of the United states doesn’t have any solution, so I don’t know what the beef is other than maybe Sarah Palin should have one, but, you know. What say you? Obama doesn’t have one.

Marshall: we… we.. well.. well.. I think for me at least and I think a lot of Americans agree with me, certainly many will disagree with me too. We have to have something more concrete (crosstalk..) but there are people who say pay off the Taliban in Afghanistan…

O’Reilly: We should have absolutely the most specific possible to win in Afghanistan and to prevent a nuclear Iran, but we don’t, so, it’s not just, and again, I sound like I am making excuses for Governor Palin, I’m not, but I felt she was conversant with the issues, a lot of people didn’t feel that she was conversant, I felt that she was conversant with them, that she knew what the problems were.

Governor Palin, of course, did know that France and Great Britain were on board:

Palin: We need to work CLOSELY with France and Great Britain our other allies who we can count on, on this.

O’Reilly: But, they are already on board, but.. but.. the primary..

Palin: They are on board with what, though? We’re not discussing some of these sanctions.

This conversation echoes much of what we’ve been hearing and reading about Governor Palin and the issues from the liberal pundits. In Ms. Marshall’s defense, at least she didn’t say that the Governor didn’t have a handle on the issues. But what is surprising is that while the Governor is ridiculed for not giving “specifics”, none of these pundits can claim, with a straight face, to know what Obama’s solutions are.

It took the president 6 month to decide on a dog and with all the resources the president has at hand it’s taking him 12 weeks (and counting) to come up with a solution on Afghanistan. But, oddly, Governor Palin is expected to have quick fixes to all the world’s problems in 30 second sound bites.

Have I missed something? Has Governor Palin announced her candidacy for president while I was asleep? Is she now holding some elected office we don’t know about? Does the Governor receive any secret undisclosed briefings we aren’t aware of? Of course if Governor Palin eventually runs for president she will, fairly, be expected to have some solutions and ideas. However, with no inside information at hand, and 3 years from the next election, exactly what solutions should she be expected to have when Obama has none himself.

Even if we assume, as many on the left apparently have, that Governor Palin is running for president, I haven’t heard other potential contenders being badgered for not having answers to all of the world’s problems. Has anyone asked Huckabee, Romney, or Pawlenty for alternative solutions?

With Obama being described as an intelligent, great, and decisive leader, you would think that his devoted followers in the media would believe that he has solved most, or at the very least some, of the world’s problems. So why should Governor Palin even need solutions to current problems? Shouldn’t Obama have everything covered? He did, after all, win the Nobel Peace Prize! We should all be sleeping easy. Three more years of an Obama Presidency should certainly result in a perfect world, right?

One must therefore conclude that the liberals and democrats have already given up on this president and are already under the assumption that we will still be dealing with the current mess in three years, and that the only one who might be able to take us out of this mess is no other than Governor Palin. If that’s the case, well, yes Governor Palin, we need solutions and fast.