ARTICLES | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall - Part 64
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Last month the House of Representatives passed a bill allowing women to enter into combat as figher pilots. The bill hits the floor of the senate next month. The awareness of women's involvement in the military was greatly increased since Operation Desert Storm. During the Persian...

FADE IN: EXT. AERIAL SHOT of SMALL ENCLAVE of TRENDY HOMES NEAR PASADENA, CA – MIDMORNING - ESTABLSHING Secluded community and windy streets that eventually connect. Lexus, Jaguars and BMW grace the driveways. INT. UPSTAIRS DEN - MIDMORNING Well appointed couches and two desks adorn the...

Leslie Marshall worked at KLAC when it was a talk station during 2001 – 02. She’s collected many experiences and stories from some of the major markets on her journey as a talk radio host. In 1992, she replaced Tom Snyder on the ABC Daynet...