ARTICLES | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall - Part 17
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The voter turnout last Tuesday was historic—the highest in half a century; nearly half of the eligible electorate participated, an amazing number for a midterm. The United States Election Project [3] estimates turnout at 49.2 percent. How high would it have risen sans voter suppression—55 percent, 60 percent? Who might...

Everything is great, right? Unemployment is the lowest in half a century [3]. The economy is churning out a high GDP [4]. Home values [5] are rising rapidly again. Inflation remains low. Still, the stock market has been crashing in recent weeks. Investors don’t like President Donald Trump’s trade war with China [6]. It makes...

Lately it feels as if the United States is anything but united. From climate change to universal health care, from Kanye West to the validity of pumpkin spice, Americans seem divided over every issue under the sun. But a new survey reveals there is at least...