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Workers Approve Agreement Securing Wage Increases, Stronger Job Protection (WASHINGTON) – Teamster members at Costco have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new three-year contract that includes a 9 percent wage increase over the term of the agreement, stronger job protections and an improved grievance procedure...

Rig the Vote is the evil opposite of Rock the Vote. Rock is the campaign by a nonprofit to increase political engagement and register young people. Rig is the campaign by the GOP to suppress political engagement and subvert balloting. The GOP rigged the vote by...

AA Workers Take Major Step Toward Filing for Election (TULSA, OK) – Today, the Teamsters Airline Division and the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition (TAMC) announced that at many maintenance stations across the country, American Airlines mechanics and related workers have reached a majority of cards signed...

In tonight’s ‘State of the Union,’ President Obama is expected to announce an agenda that will make the U.S. a “magnet for manufacturing.”  Follow the Alliance for American Manufacturing's (AAM) running Twitter commentary on the 'State of the Union' at @KeepItMadeinUSA. Follow AAM President Scott Paul at @ScottPaulAAM.   The Alliance for American Manufacturing...

In tomorrow night’s ‘State of the Union,’ President Obama is expected to announce an agenda that will make the U.S. a “magnet for manufacturing.” But how will he get there? The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) brought “Made in America” to the 2012 State of the Union speech, and drove...

President Obama demonstrated his gutsiness in recent months by speaking so many words that craven politicians contend cannot be spoken. These are hot-button words like same sex-marriage, immigration reform, gun control and climate change. Fighting words. The president even specifically addressedthree of these in his second inaugural...