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Here is the link to watch the Town Hall on Sat. Dec. 7th from 2pm-5:30pm CST. Teamsters Announce Presidential Candidate Forum Focused on Worker Issues Biden, Bullock, Buttigieg, Harris, Klobuchar and Sanders Confirmed to Participate (WASHINGTON) -- As 2020 presidential hopefuls continue to vie to win working people’s votes,...

The March 2005 fire and explosions at BP’s Texas City, Texas, oil refinery killed 15 contractors and injured 180 other workers in ways that will haunt them forever. Some lost limbs. Others suffered horrific burns, head injuries or wounds that left them infertile. Still others live with the...

Candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination would be wise to listen to former President Barack Obama, who recently warned Democrats not to “lean too far left." “This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement," Obama said. He said Americans "like seeing things...

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com Hillary Clinton’s claim that presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is “the favorite of the Russians” in the Democratic primary and her implication that Gabbard is “a Russian asset” show that the former Democratic presidential nominee’s talk of sisterhood and solidarity with other women...

Oscar Hernández Romero’s friends searched for him in garbage dumps, ravines and all the other places that could hide what they feared to find—the bullet-riddled body of a Mexican labor activist. But they’ve turned up no trace of Oscar, who disappeared near the open-pit gold mine in southwestern Mexico where...