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Hoffa Cites Senate Compromise as Key to Quick Confirmation (WASHINGTON) – The Teamsters Union applauds the Senate’s confirmation of Thomas Perez for Labor Secretary in a vote held today. Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa praised Senate Leader Harry Reid for pushing for the compromise with Republican...

Praise Compromise That Allows Confirmation of Candidates for Labor, NLRB, CFPB Posts (WASHINGTON) – Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa today congratulated Senate Leader Harry Reid for forging a compromise that allows consideration of nominees for key administration posts. The Teamsters strongly supported Richard Cordray to head the...

The GOP must really love the character that Lucille Ball created in the 1950s show I Love Lucy. Just as her husband Desi Arnaz, a.k.a. Ricky Ricardo, believed, the party thinks women are empty-headed twits. Women are so vacuous, right-wingers figure, that they don't understand how Obamacare benefits...

A special invitation…  Want Jobs? Here's How to Get Them. Join us for a discussion about what Congress and the President can do now to create sustainable American jobs (instead of wasting their time with partisan infighting and "fast fixes"). Tomorrow, The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) will release its authoritative, edited...

Houston Management Sends Email to Striker to Apply to Be Temporary Strikebreaker (Chicago, IL) – Striking Funeral Director Lawrence Mandel was surprised that Dignity Memorial would bother offering him an “opportunity.”  As Mandel picketed in front of Dignity Memorial Piser Funeral Services in Skokie, he received an...

The conduct of the New York State Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in rehabilitating the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge can only be described as anti-American. The MTA plans to send $235.7 million of Americans' hard-earned toll dollars to China for foreign steel and foreign fabrication to renovate a bridge...