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States that spent millions of dollars fighting the coronavirus asked the federal government for help plugging huge holes in their budgets. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave them the finger instead. The Kentucky Republican said he’d rather let states go bankrupt than come to their aid. He...

Thousands of workers across America begged the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to investigate when their employers failed to take steps to protect them from COVID-19. They reported a lack of face masks, gloves, soap and hand sanitizer. They warned of having to share desks...

At the start of each shift, Eric Jarvis takes a handful of anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizes the equipment he uses at the Packaging Corp. of America mill in Valdosta, Ga. He worries about getting the coronavirus every time he leaves for work, but knows the nation...

Sen. Bernie Sanders acted in the best interests of the Democratic Party and the nation Wednesday when he dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Bowing to reality, Sanders conceded that he had no chance of defeating former Vice President Joe Biden for the nomination. Sanders never rose...

Health care workers continue to put their lives on the line, caring for patients despite critical shortages of the safety gear they need to protect themselves from COVID-19. To help, factories now churn out face shields, masks and gowns. And millions of workers stay home to slow the spread of...

Under normal circumstances, Jerry Porter would be spending his time helping the veterans he finds in tent camps and run-down housing. But the escalating threat of COVID-19 forces the community activist and retired Steelworker to remain at home for now, even though vulnerable vets need him...