47,000 (!) accounts held by Americans who did not pay their taxes! | Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
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47,000 (!) accounts held by Americans who did not pay their taxes!

47,000 (!) accounts held by Americans who did not pay their taxes!

The UBS AG now says it had about 47,000 (!) accounts held by Americans who did not pay their taxes!

If you’re a hardworking taxpayer like myself, this should infuriate you. The IRS continually audits the small business owner, trying to squeeze more and more out of those who are paying taxes, and not making an effort to track those who don’t. These 47,000 are only those that we KNOW of and that have been reported. This is a further outrage when you consider how many millionaires and billionaires, yes, that’s with a “b” who are hiding their monies in switzerland, kuwait, the bahamas, etc.

And what about those great leaders we have lost such as former Senator Tom Daschle who would have been the best leader for reforming health care in my opinion; but who had to back out because most likely his accountant overlooked an expenditure and some taxes weren’t paid? I think the U.S. government shouod go after these banks and these people. It is fraud and illegal activity like this that contributes to the deficit and the poor economy. The UBS has accepted responsibility for helping certain Americans, rich Americans hide money from the U.S. government; but will the UBS be punished? Will this stop? How many more private organizations are assisting rich americans hide their cash from Uncle Sam? And of course, alhtough UBS assisted these people, the bottom line is the american taxpayers who did not pay their taxes knowingly broke the law; and even paid UBS to help them do that.

No mercy here folks! Where is their conscience?!!? There are children going to bed hungry in our own nation….! How can these people sleep at night? I personally feel that “to whom much is given much is expected…” The greed of America is making me sick. Seriously, with all of those millions and billions, how much money can you spend? or bank? We all know we cant take it with us! But putting monies overseas, not paying taxes on this income is hurting America and their fellow Americans. I say ship them to Kuwait, Switzerland and the Bahamas. Shut down their businesses. Quit rewarding bad behavior, bad people and bad business practices. Until we hold these companies and peoples accountable; we will never be the nation we truly claim to be.

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